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Well, it's been a very, very, very busy few weeks. I'm back at work recovering. At least they give me lunch breaks...

It feels like I accomplished nothing, because I didn't get a lot of the things done that I wanted to, but in actuality, I think I got a lot done. We got a lot done; I couldn't have done any of it without Jennie!


The Products:

Produced a nice chunk of stickers and magnets and some new T-shirts and the mermaid coloring book. Worked on the primer, which is going to absolutely rock and is very nearly finished. Got a pre-order for it at the fair.

The Fair:

9 very full days of selling to the public. Nice sales to show, and I didn't get a cold, and the weather was horrid to start with and very, very nice to end with. Magnets and stickers were a complete success, Jennie was an excellent minion, the new designs I managed to get out were very popular, sold several copies of the new mermaid coloring book, the bookmark display stand garnered a lot of comments, and it was sooo nice to hear from people who say that EMG is their favorite part of the fair. *beam*

The Webpage:

Ugh. Greymatter's being difficult and I'm not quite sure what to do about it. Probably stuck manually updating artist pages, but that's not the end of the world. I have to tell myself not to regret the time (ugh! hours and hours of time!) I spent trying to get that automated.

Switched providers so that I can get ten times the space for 20% less and have better, cooler features, particularly newsletter management. Jennie's an evil influence. But we all knew that. Still hasn't moved over, though my domain transfer is through. A little puzzled by that. Need to upload site. DSL was out for about four days... VERY frustrating and VERY bad timing.


Stupid contracts! But the new method will be very nice. I'm about halfway through these. (And changed my mind about the format, which means going back and editing all the ones I did. Stupid Ellen.)


Still behind. Got a very nice custom printing order that I need to mail tonight, if possible. Tomorrow via Express, otherwise. Stupid express. Might try UPS second day air.

Spent far, far too much time 'running around' and working in circles, but still, for the week of the fair, it's really not bad. I have to sort of expect to go crazy during the fair. That's just how it goes.

The trip to the Hot Springs was definitely the highlight of Jennie's visit. We stayed in a yurt! It was cool, and now I want a yurt of my own! Actually, I'm thinking rather seriously about a summer studio built in a yurt... and a summer artists' retreat composed of yurts around a central building where artists could have access to a computer and printer and some cool craftsy materials and such, with a little kitchen/shower/bathroom area and easels and... I digress.

The pool was magnificent... super, super, baking hot, and the tourist load was low. We soaked and arted and soaked and arted, and ate delicious meals (one of which they lost our ticket for, so they told use we didn't have to pay for it!!), and soaked and arted and enjoyed the very bright happy yurt.

Weather was great... cool breezes and sprinkles when we wanted them, and a hot streak in the afternoon when we were leaving, so we baked in the sunshine for a while.

Second Vehicle:

We've decided it's past time we had a second vehicle. I don't have the time to spare to ferry Jake around, and I'm sick of being unable to schedule things for myself without endless back-and-forth consultation. We live too far out of town for carpooling to work, and there just aren't any feasible alternates out that far, either. I rarghed, put down my foot, and told Jake that he could get a second car, or I would. Pretty much. I've wanted one for a long, long, long time now, and I'm not working at Design Alaska for my health, but for that nice paycheck that's supposed to make our lives easier. It took days to get him to come around, but he did.

So, we're getting a truck and the car will be all mine (insert evil laughter here). We're looking for something mid-sized that will haul water and pull a trailer for building ease.


There is no toilet update. Jake smashed his finger on one of the first days Jennie was here and was out of commission for the last two weeks house-work wise. We still are very close to having a toilet. Very close with no forward progress being made.

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