Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily with Tiedye and another story crossed off...

Here are photos of a few of the cutest of the onsies - I could not tell you right now which ones Melody did and which ones I did. It was fun doing them, at any rate!

I got some writing done today - about 2500 words, actually, and Senseless, a short story about the finding of Lichenwold, ended at 3500 words.

For NotNoWriMo:

6/10 stories finished!

Laundry is hung, fire is fired, just have some dishes to do, and then programming - LOTS of programming. In the usual ways of such things, THREE major projects are coming active now... with a fourth potentially on the horizon. Never rains, but it pours. I have art I want (need!) to do, too, but it's a lot easier on myself to recline with my laptop than to sit upright to do artwork... I've noticed that I get a little achy if I'm upright too long.

Need more energy. *scrounges around for some.*

In far sadder news, RIP Anne McCaffrey! I did not follow any of her recent work, but the Dragonsong trilogy, Crystal Singer, Sassinak and many of her early short stories really helped shape my creative life.
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