Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily dragging with weekend recap

Over the weekend I did tie-dye with Melody - we made many teeny colorful onsies and toddler shirts and I even dyed a few of the second hand socks I got. Then, we had pizza, watched Tangled, and had chocolate pie. A very lovely evening! Sunday, I spent a few hours rinsing and washing, and they all turned out REALLY cute.

I also did some housecleaning, went to pre-natal yoga, went shopping, and picked up a dozen packages at the post office.

I got a little bit of writing done Sunday - crossed a random short story off my NotNoWriMo list, and wrote a short poem for Torn World. This morning, I worked on a Torn World story, as part of the Crowdfunding Creative Jam, and got it up about 1000 words before I had to stop.

Orders were mailed this morning, coloring books are back in stock, and I went to the gym because I was a lazy slacker who hasn't been in a whole week now.

This pregnancy thing is starting to lose its novelty as I expand and it gets harder to pick things up and squeeze through doors. Also, the snoring is terrible. I bought Jake earplugs today, after trying nosestrips for two nights (they help, but do not cure) and propping myself up on a bed wedge that was horrifically uncomfortably and helped only a very little. Fatigue has been plaguing me a bit more, lately... I am behind on emails again! (Or still...)

It's wretchedly cold again today - apparently we've set 6 cold temperature records over the last week. The novelty of that is wearing off, too! I chopped wood and have a lovely fire keeping the inside cozy.

Enough ramble from me - dinner is finished and washed up, and it's either writing now, or possibly chocolate pie...
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