Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fridaily with early progress on the day...

I got the programming milestone I needed to hit today, all finished up for my client before their official business hours, like I wanted to, and finished my fourth NotNoWriMo story - per your input on my story poll: the big meeting between north and south now has another segment. There is at least another one that is really needed, but this is more than 3600 words and moves things along QUITE nicely. I've got it sent to two people I need character/language input from at this point. The next section will be quite a lot harder, as it will involve a lot more characters, and is a blank slate at this point, not an old, out-of-date draft.

4/10 stories finished!

I did some revisions on artwork today and decided they weren't quite finished after I'd scanned them, so I will be tackling those some more next. And the abstracts which are scanned. I lost my page of notes, which is the (very lame) excuse I have for not finishing the processing on those yet. Must buckle down and just do them. Emails, too, though I DID get things down to less than 300 again, and I DID get through Sketch Fest alerts. I also ordered my toner for my laser printer. (Online, and refilled cartridges - the difference was too much to sneeze at... $138 with shipping versus more than $900 for the same quantity. YEAH. I think I'll give the refurbished a chance and see how it does. I mostly use it for printing shipping labels anymore.)

Also today: a shower, possibly some laundry (at least folding what's dry), the dishes, and a short walk, at least. I have been lax on exercise because of the cold - only one gym trip this week and no bellydance! Bad Ellen! Must also take some meat out of the freezer for the weekend. Hmm.

Guppy has an interesting new pattern. It used to be I could only feel the sharp movements - kicks and punches, I presume. But now, I'll get these spots of pressure that sort of leeeeeaaaaaaan on a spot and then kick. For my side affects? I've been snoring. This is apparently quite common, but I don't like it. I wake myself and Jake up with it sometimes, and that's just no good. Trying to sleep solely on my side seems to work, but I still wake up on my back sometimes, despite my intentions. An extra pillow helps a little. I may try nose strips. Any of you moms have this problem? What did you do?
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