Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily with 30 below and other adventures.

Yes, 30 below! (That's -34 for you Celsius people)

I love chopping wood at this temperature. There was a birch log that gave me trouble a few days ago - I actually gave up on it after wrestling it in half (with a wedge and much cursing and pounding of the maul). This morning? One *thunk* with the axe and it split neatly into two. The ones I love best are when you give it one hit and it doesn't quiiiite split, so you rotate it 90 degress and *bang*! Perfect quarters fall away effortlessly.

(And yes, I'm very careful, don't do it when exhausted, don't do too much at one time, and am thinking of Guppy first! Like basketball, it may not be a typical pregnancy exercise, but it keeps me in shape and I do it thoughtfully, knowing that at some point I WILL have to give it up. I'm not pushing it. But I'm enjoying it while I can.)

ETA: Jake would like it clarified that he has offered to chop the wood, and that I raspberried him and told him I wanted to do it.

The cat is currently eyeing the woodpile in a fashion that makes me suspect there is a beetle alive somewhere in there... (sometimes they defrost when I bring the logs in.)

In factory news, still doing great. Occasional discomfort, and my skin is sometimes itchy, thanks in part to the 2% humidity while running the woodstove. I've been slathering on the Mama Bee belly balm and absolutely loving it. Thank you Jenny! I hadn't ever seen this, and my skin LOVES it. My scar is still super angry, and my belly button is still missing, but I'm hoping they will make up with me in a few months.

Go vote in my Poll! Even if you aren't active or interested in Torn World, you can weigh in on which story I tackle next for NotMoWriMo, and I love getting feedback. (And no, I never take it personally if you aren't all as in love with every one of my projects as I am...)

I have three new pieces of artwork up at Portrait Adoption!

These are pieces started at older Sketch Fests, and if you get standard adoption, I'll send you the original. :)

A bunch of paid programming finished this morning, plus a token amount of writing. I've got a graphics job lined up next, then either some more writing, or some EMG programming. *flips a coin*

I'm also considering a load of laundry - it would be dry by this evening, given the heat and humidity in here...

But first! Lunch!
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