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NotNoWriMo and Torn World poll

Alrighty! I've got 8 stories left to do or finish in the next two weeks. I can totally do this. In fact, my biggest problem is deciding which ones to tackle... so help me out with that! Pick as many as you'd like to see. :) And while I'm building a poll, I have some Torn World project questions for the general audience. You don't have to answer them, if you want to just suggest a story (or three) to work on. Your results will be private, too, so if you are feeling all reluctant to check 'not interested in Torn World,' don't worry - only I will see that, and I'd REALLY like the feedback. Comments welcome.

Poll #1795517 Torn World and NotNoWriMo

Which story should Ellen tackle next for her NotNoWriMo?

Next Rails story (Derailed - the Bai/Ressa storyline... we step up the action a level and raise the stakes!)
Next North Meets South story (Our Southern explorers meet the snow-unicorn riders!)
Untitled (Dramanar and Emeroma, politics of the south)
Color of Summer Ice (Kativa/Kether/Tolnam backstory - adventure and close encounter with Others!)
Untitled (Dorje, allergic to snow-unicorns at the WORST time of year)
Original (Empire music students, humorous teenage drama)
The Sea Queen (Torn World mythology, sea monsters!)
Honestly (backstory for Rails)
Senses (Kativa/Kether pre-Mushrooms, a look at Others)
Unfurling (prequel to Harp of Feathers, needs re-written)
Untitled (a short story about finding Lichenworld)
Untitled (a short story about Birka and co. travelling South)
Puppy's Day Out (a sequel to Worth It - humorous, cute Malaamig backstory)
Something else (that's not a title... suggest something in the comments!)

Are you reading the Torn World stories?

Every single one, as they are posted!
Every one that's available free, as soon as I have a chance!
Some of them, if I notice there's a new one and I have time.
A few here and there, if you (or the other authors) link to them and they sound interesting.
I've read the few that you've posted in full to your journal, but don't bother clicking a link to read anything elsewhere.
I've read one or two.
Nah, not really.

What's your involvement in Torn World? (check all that apply)

I'm on the canon board
I'm registered at the site
I read what's available without having to register
I'd really like to get involved, but it's very intimidating! I don't feel like I can catch up!
I'm sort of watching to see what happens with it, but don't have time for free/fan work
I've bought the anthology and/or coloring book!
I've sponsored stories, artwork or poetry - I love that I can support the authors and artists I enjoy most!
I'm subscribed! This project is awesome!
I submit material regularly
I submit material when I get inspired, once in a while.
Huh... I have a bunch of half-finished work I should probably submit...
Unicorns? Really? Just not my cup of tea. (Or not interesting to me for another reason)

What would get you more involved or interested in Torn World?

More hours in my day.
More publications
Easier ways to get caught up on plot and world details
More social network interaction (stronger Facebook or Twitter presence)
More audience feedback on submissions
Probably nothing - it just doesn't speak to me.

Stories in progress now (timeline priorities):

City of Lights 3 - this is fully outlined, and nearly fully fleshed out. It's going to need some revision. It's nearly 3000 words, probably only 3000 by the end, though some needs deleted and some needs written. Close, now! I have no cover artwork for it yet, and probably should, to match the other 2 sections. Done!

Off the Rails Railmaster (finished!), Derailed and Wrong Side of the Rails are all rough-outlined, and the next few segments after that are vague plots. This actually ends up tying into the City of Lights storyline, too, if obliquely. I've got two illustration sketches for these, and a commissioned piece outstanding that I should probably go poke the artist about...

Southern Explorers meet snow-unicorn riders - that's obviously not the final title. This is the continuation of The Wrong Kind of Snow. Out of Steam is the opening segment for this, and already through the canon board and ready to post, but I want to get see Wild Snowy Chase wrapped up and back to Itadesh/Itrelir because some of those characters make appearances, and I don't want to timeline jump their action too much. Especially since some of the conclusions of this storyline will be important enough to note in these stories. I need to sit down with wyld_dandelyon's notes and work forward on it anyway... this meeting is big stuff, and I want to do it right and have it ready to go by the time we get there. I have a VERY old draft of this that will need a whole lot of revision. I am doubtful I will be able to keep many of the original words.

Side stories I've got on backburner:

Untitled - Dramanar and Emeroma having a moment after the City of Lights is closed. Not sure where I'm going with this one, but it's got some nice moments in it that I'd like to use on something. It was originally part of the CoL3, but didn't make the cut. 1000 words so far.

Color of Summer Ice - A past story about Kativa (and how she hears Others) and age-mates, quite an adventure story, actually - it would probably be good to write this one up eventually, even if it doesn't really forward any storylines at this point. This is outlined, with a few blocks of prose, and will be quite a long one - maybe even about 10k. It would certainly be a good fit in topic for the next anthology under discussion, but rather unfortunately long... I am looking at ways to trim this.

Untitled - This story start features Dorje in the spring of 1521. I have no particular direction for it, but if someone would like to collaborate, I'd love to send this opening to you and see where you take it. Dorje is adoptable, and a really interesting character who could be a lot of fun... allergic to snow-unicorns! So much mileage there! 350 words so far.

Original - A fun southern story about music students; I have all the parts of this story in my head, just waiting to be written down. It is the story that goes with this artwork. Only about 100 words digitally, plus notes on a page in my sketchbook.

Sea Queen - An Irfai myth about a mermaid that Lorna painted. It's just an outline so far, but I have the framing in mind for it. This would be particularly awesome to have finished for the next Sea Monster month (May!).

Honestly - An early Bai/Ressa story set shortly after Bai gets his position as License Master. This is just a glimmer of an idea so far.

Senses - A Kativa/Kether prequel to Mushrooms, set close after Arriving at Itrelir. Just under 1900 words now, probably has 2500 in total in it. It does have an interesting look at Others.

Unfurling - A sequel to Harp of Feathers, based on the unfurling celebration. At 1000 words, this is technically finished, but I'm not at all happy with it. I would like to revise it extensively before submitting it.

Finding Lichenwold - This is a storyline, rather than just a story... maybe even a novel!... set about 50 years back and featuring a few of our elders as reckless kids. I am being very good and NOT pursuing this right now. So many ideas for it... I could pull a flash fiction out of this in a heartbeat.

Puppy's Day Out (working title) - A sequel to Worth It: silly, cute puppy fluff.

Stories that need to happen for the timeline...
(I don't necessarily need to be the one to write these... but I may need to if no one else will.)

Once the explorers have met the snow-unicorn riders, there will need to be a decision to send Birka and party south over the mountains. This deserves to be in print.

At least one story of that journey ought to be told, but I suspect there are many that could be.

The story that picks up immediately following the conclusion of the graphic novel needs to be drafted. I have an idea of what happens, and a good illustration to start from: http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1233652.html

Graphic novel needs edits to match the existing canon. Art is done, edits should be minor.
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