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Ellen Million


Cough and phlegm from the flu shot seem to have mostly cleared up; I'm feeling much better! A bit of fatigue, still, but that could be from anything.

My massage this morning was heavenly, and I had a chiro adjustment directly after. I still feel all rubbery and happy from it.

My optimistic list of things to do did not get done. I built a fire and did laundry... and that's about it. Oh, I cleared out the nursery a little - cleaned up the drop cloths from the last big stage of drywall and paint, and moved the nightstand into the bedroom (finally!), consolidated the toys that are already starting to accumulate, and cleared the areas that will next need work.

I also took a nap and shower, scooped the catboxes and did the dishes. No programming, art, scanning, paperwork, emails or writing. I am a terrible waste of a creative person and deserve no cookies. (I TEASE, I tease... I recognize my own ridiculous standards and mock them to save you the trouble.)

Sketch Fest is Friday! Are you ready?? Have you looked over the available sketches to find any amazing deals you can't live without (they get cleared before the next Sketch Fest!)? Got your pencils sharpened and your schedule cleared?? Have you added credits to your EMG account so that you can snag your sketches without any delay? http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/
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