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Oof, tired! Had a checkup this morning, which went quite smoothly - Mom and guppy are both in great shape, heartrate was strong and steady. Jake and I met the midwife who job-shares with the midwife I've been seeing, and we both liked her a lot, which is a relief. I picked up mail, got a flu shot, and went grocery shopping. (They gave you a 10% off ALL your groceries coupon if you got a flu shot at Safeway, so I got rather more than I had been planning to...)

Today's To-Do:

  • Process abstracts
  • Paint abstracts
  • Scan Skycats
  • Nap
  • Laundry
  • Fire
  • Dishes
  • Write at least a few hundred words on Off Rails

    (not necessarily in this order...)

    In freelance news, I am holding off work for one client until they pay a back bill, and getting ready to tackle some big jobs for two other clients; I've got a meeting on Thursday to go over one of the projects and pick up checks for some older invoices. Dry spell over? I can hope - I'm spitting distance to my personal financial goals for the year, so I think I may make it!
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