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Thursdaily with list and behind on everything...

Thursday! Most of my week was spent in Anchorage, so I've got major catch-up to do.

There is a new issue of EMG-Zine to enjoy, and there are two days left to have a subscription, donation, anthology purchase or abstract painting count towards our group goals! We are less than $30 from another print drawing, and $50 after that will be a free coloring book drawing. Close on the heels of that goal is another window of free prompted paintings, scheduled for tomorrow! We are still only about halfway in total to the goal that will keep EMG-Zine running through the end of next year; don't let this amazing resource close up! Remember that you can donate your EMG credits (including your spend-only credits!) - either a straight donation or through the abstracts fundraiser - and that if you do so by the end of to tomorrow, your donation will count towards our group goals, so you might win something awesome, too. ANY donation/sponsorship amount enters you in the prize drawings. (So, if you've got a fractional page in one of the old anthologies and you're not sure what to do with that .03 cent royalty credit, this is a great use for it!)

I've got two more abstracts in my queue to paint, though we'll see if those happen today, or tomorrow.

There's a new blog entry up at Fantastic Portfolios: Growing as an Artist

I've got a show on Sunday - on a whim, I decided to see about selling off a little of my leftover backstock; this show only allows me to sell for attendant artists, so it's not weird that I won't have my entire old catalog, and I'd love to move some coloring books and anthologies. I need to dig my stock out of the connex and see what, exactly, I've got left, and how I want to use the display space. Should I make some bookmarks? (Would anyone be interested in buying some online, if I did?) I'll be splitting a table with J, which is how I've always done this show; it will be like old times!

So far, my list for the day:

  • Bills
  • Program monitor
  • Something else that I've forgotten (there were three things!) - bring in 4" tube to thaw!
  • Mail - 3 orders to mail, several packages to pick up
  • Emails and account setups
  • Fire (including taking out ashes)
  • Eat
  • Hang curtains
  • Dance class
  • Prep for show

    In factory news, Guppy (it's hard not to accidentally type her name out! We're so used to calling her by it now!) is still a little ninja fish, clearly skilled in the art of several forms of martial arts. Belly button still missing. (But not an outie yet...)

    I slept like a rock last night; the bed at the hotel seemed very comfortable, but I woke up a lot feeling stiff and having to change positions, even though there's only one position that really feels good. Last night, after the initial feeling of 'my bed is a rock' (Tempurpedic is HARD when it's cold, but it does warm up and form nicely rather fast), I fell right to sleep and don't remember so much as rolling over until the alarm went off.

    We've captured our fox on video twice now! And once in the act of peeing in the dog's dish! Hilarious shots, though rather fast. I shall figure out how to export them to a format I can share.
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