Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily with some catching up...

These are Friday's paintings - and I will have to check over my notes, but that may be all the abstracts I'm so far obligated for! There is still time to sponsor one until Friday, and if we meet our tip goals by Friday, there will also be another window of free prompts (all of which I will do!). I've got scans of the previous two batches to process and post shortly. :)

The weekend... was busy, if not entirely forward productive. On Friday, I got two totally unrelated comments that poked me in exactly the wrong way, and rather than being snarky, like I wanted to be, I stormed off the Internet, stomped around, and tackled all the drywall projects with the sanding block and then primer. Rargh!

We went shopping on Saturday, which was extremely frustrating. No one had what we were looking for, we made a WHOLE bunch of extraneous stops, and aside from my fabulous new winter boots (clearance! With a bonus coupon!), came home largely empty-handed after an entire day of driving around. Then, doing the texture spray on the drywall patches - we ran OUT, and I ended up driving all the way back into town to pick up some more. I also went to pick up a Guppy Gift at Sears, and they were out, so I ended up having to get a raincheck, and, after waiting around for nearly an hour (finding someone to help, two checks out to stock, someone who'd never written a raincheck before...), I decided it was not entirely worth the $5 I will be saving. In all, the day felt very wasted.

Sunday was gaming. Beforehand, I ironed all the curtains for the nursery - the ones in the bedroom have not hung out as well as I'd like. Our ironing board is teeny, so it took quite a while, but I found it somewhat soothing. While I had everything out, I ironed the curtains in the living room, too. I also painted the repaired bits in the nursery, and was very, very relieved to find that the repair job was worth doing, and blends into the existing texture quite nicely indeed. I got the light switch put back together (and why yes, I did shock myself on it on Thursday... zap!) and we moved the furniture in the hallway back where it belonged so we could get the contents of the bookshelf out of the nursery again. Gaming was far more satisfactory than shopping on Saturday (pizza! Blowing up evil minions!). I did not get everything I wanted to finished over the weekend. Today and tomorrow are fully booked, but I'll start trying to catch up on Wednesday. I was offline most of the weekend, and will be the next few days, as well.

I forgot to do a factory update on Friday, but it's more of the same - feeling great, looking huge. Strange to think there are almost four months of growing left... seriously, where is she going to fit??

Now, EMG-Zine, and some writing. Then emails, book-keeping, and... probably some other things.
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