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Good morning!

I am feeling significantly better today than yesterday. My back got progressively worse through most of the day. I scheduled an appointment with the chiropractor (though I couldn't arrange a massage until Nov 9, boo!). Then I took it easy until I couldn't stand not doing anything, and went ahead and painted trim and did the dishes. When I got into the shower, it was feeling better. (Jake says this is a sign that when I hurt, I should just slave harder... I think he was teasing.) The chiro then found several puffy, annoyed joints, determined that my hips were all rotated out alignment, and made many awful noises with my skeleton that made me feel even better. Then, I staggered to dance class, where the stretching and drilling finished loosening everything up very nicely indeed.

My inbox is a disaster. *hangs head* I am not sure when 400 messages became normal, but it is not acceptable. I hope to make a dent on that today. I'd like to see it down to 300 at least, by the end of the day.

I would also like to FINISH City of Lights 3 - it's so close, it's ridiculous. I just need a simple scene ending for the first scene and a wrap-up for the end, all already outlined, but it's being SO stubborn to write. I think my problem is that I wanted this to be an AMAZING story, and it's really only an okay story. Maybe I'll get some good feedback from the canon board and character owners to polish it up a little.

Speaking of polish, be sure to check out the changes happening at Fantastic Portfolios! I've handed the reigns of this project to the very capable and talented marrael, and some of the changes she has in mind are already appearing throughout the site. Some of the backend things that are happening will simplify the critique process, and hopefully speed the turnaround on submitted work. We'll be looking for new critics soon, too! Check out the awesome blog.

The abstracts fundraiser made its second goal, so I will be painting (at least) one free prompt for everyone who filled out the form on Tuesday! The next goal is another drawing for a free print among ALL prompters and sponsors - we are $49 from that goal! All proceeds towards keeping EMG-Zine running through the end of 2012!

Some webwork things to do, and some breakfast now. I should have some painting scans for you later today, and hopefully even some new paintings! Let's see how this day goes!
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