Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily with urf...

Back is hurting more than a little this morning. There's a lot I could blame it on - overworking at the gym yesterday, chopping wood, drywall, maybe sitting wrong painting on Tuesday, maybe I slipped... it's probably a combination of more than one of those. So, today, I take it easy. I have bellydance tonight, and will make an easy session of it; I think it's important to get out and move around.

Moving on from that, I expect Guppy is going through a growth spurt, because my energy has been a tad low the last few days, and I've been extra distract-able; I only got half of yesterday's list finished, and none of the phonecalls I needed to. Should get up and get moving on those.

Urgh. Have so many emails to wade through, and I need to get caught up on sending out Sketch Fest sales, too.
Tags: daily, factory

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