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I semi-accidentally left free prompts open all night for the abstract paintings. I thought about it before I went to bed, shrugged, and decided it was too much work to close them. About to run off and do that now. (Which means you have a moment or two to squeeze one in, if you haven't yet!)


We have a winner for the first incentive prize! Congratulations to Meeks! I will tackle another batch of paintings this afternoon. We're $35 from having ALL free prompts painted, and have until November 4th to hit that goal! If we get to $235, I will do a second free window of prompts on that day, and there are two intermediate goals for drawings of free stuff.

It got windy enough last night that our air conditioner vent started flapping, and I had to get up and stuff a t-shirt into it. We need to insulate and seal it for the winter. Blowing snow this morning, and icky-warm. (Just about freezing, which is a wretched driving temperature.)

I've got breakfast and lunch finished, bread is rising, and I've sanded the drywall and wiped it down in prep for the next coat. I thought I would enjoy doing drywall - it's sort of arty, and I've got a steady hand. But no, it is SUPER frustrating and takes a BILLION coats to get anything resembling a good surface, and you can't cut corners and it's particularly hard matching a textured existing surface and the dust drives me crazy and I hate it (both having to wear a mask, and the fine layer of white over EVERYTHING in the house). At least one more layer is needed in the nursery, and I'm suspecting two on the window, which is not only next to a textured surface, but also has a bunch of fancy curves and corners to navigate neatly. That will make about 7 coats on each. I would like to be done with it now.

Curtain hardware is at the post office! I am not sure if I want to drive in to get it, in this weather, but it would be awesome to get that hung. I've also got the last piece of crown molding ready to paint, and then that can go up, too. We've started looking at things to fill the room with, sort of a-gog at all the various options. Parents, did you have any must-have items? I mean, a cradle is a must, and within a few months, a crib, and I'm going to get a glider-rocker, but was there a playpen, swing or bouncer-type thing that you found indispensable?

Some design work to do today, dishes, drywall (ugh!) and painting. One of these four, I am looking forward to... guess which!
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