Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily, with paintings, writing, etc.

I'm about to rinse out my brushes and switch colors, but so far, a definite water/night sky theme going on, and I like these quite a lot.

I got to have lunch yesterday with mizkit and family, which was utterly lovely. Directly after telling her that I wasn't suffering fatigue, I came home with absolutely no energy left, so I did no work on the wretched drywall. (Hate drywall. Hate it hate it hate it.) I did sit down and look at what I want to get written over the next few months... probably not going to do NaNo, because I have so many short stories/serials to get ahead on. (I want very much to have several months of Nothing Due after Guppy is born, and that means getting more pieces approved in the queue and advancing the storylines significantly.) I may try to make a 50k wordcount, anyway, across all the bits and pieces. I dunno, though. I think the only reason I won last year is that I was too depressed to do anything else. Still need to revise the Upheaval novel, too - I figured out how to restart it, anyway!

Norway's vet appointment went great - he's healthy again and was mostly not too squirmy about being inspected. Velcro is grumpy because it's too warm to run the woodstove today.

In factory news, Guppy is wonderfully active and I'm doing great. I sometimes catch myself spacing out and smiling when she starts kicking and wiggling. It is VERY much like having a fish in there, though probably more like a big fancy koi at this point, rather than a guppy. (Millionfish! That still cracks me up terribly! Perhaps I am easily amused...)

Some lunch now, and then back to painting! Leave me prompts! http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/abstracts2.php
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