Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Free prompted abstracts!

I'm pulling out my paints right now - free prompted abstracts are now open!


This is a fundraiser for EMG-Zine, which is in danger of being canceled after the June 2012 issue. Free prompts are open during today's window, and there are a variety of prizes and perks to choose from! Tips will get you your original paintings, entries in drawings for copies of our anthology, subscriptions (which come with advertising!), coloring books, larger originals and much more. Don't be shy about leaving prompts without tipping, though - some of the sponsorship options come with extra sponsorships for free prompters. Link back to this project to improve your chances of winning a free sponsorship!

You may comment here with your prompt, but I would prefer you used the form to keep me organized... it collects all kinds of information so I don't have to come back and bug you for it later (like your prize preferences, and your address, so I can send you your sponsorships and prizes!). All information is strictly confidential, and don't worry about duplicating prompts... I like tackling an idea more than once and it's fun seeing how they can vary.

Help EMG-Zine keep publishing awesome non-fiction on the art of the business of fantasy art and writing! Inspire teeny fun paintings! Spread the word!

Tags: abstracts, crowdfunding, emg-zine, painting

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