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I'm about to run off to a follow-up appointment with the vet and Norway.

We got a few photos of the fox! Not doing his actual business in the dog dish, but some shots of his very glowy eyes and big bushy tail - you can definitely see that it's a fox, and that he notices the camera. We set it to video last night, but he didn't visit. Hopefully tonight! The video of Norway when I let him out this morning was certainly very clear.

I have drywall to work on today (we got nothing to speak of done over the weekend...) and I hope to meet mizkit for lunch, and I've got some business follow-up to do, and if I can squeeze the time in, I really need to go to value village and look for jeans that fit. I have lots of awesome sweatpants and a skirt or two, but my jeans are starting to be a bit of a strain, and the sweats seem a little over-casual for town trips, while my skirts are over-dressy. Just one or two pairs ought to do fine.

Tomorrow, I will be doing abstract paintings to prompts! I'm looking forward to this - should be fun! :) Tips go to fund EMG-Zine!

Writing-wise, I got about 450 words on City of Lights 3 this morning, and I got several short articles done for Torn World over the weekend, as well. See a host of various Torn World reminders here: http://torn-world.livejournal.com/90266.html

Guppy is kicking like mad lately... hard enough that if we could get the timing right, Jake would be able to feel her, but she's also very stubborn, and immediately stops when I alert him to it. We've definitely chosen her first name, though her middle name is still in flux.

Gotta pack up and go now... happy day to you!
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