Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

EMG-Zine Abstracts Fundraiser

I had so much fun with the abstracts fundraiser I did for the nursery that when I started looking for ways to bring some attention to the flagging fundraising for EMG-Zine, it was a natural fit to do another one. (Besides, I have a bunch of new paints and brushes that I am absolutely dying to experiment with!)

EMG-Zine, for those of you new to my journal, is a free online magazine that has been publishing monthly since January, 2005 and is an invaluable resource for artists, writers and crafters in the fantasy and science fiction genre. We have tutorials, walk-throughs, business advice about licensing, contracts and marketing, crafty projects and art products, advice for living artistically in harmony with the enviroment, for juggling life and jobs and creative pursuits; everything you can imagine for creative people at all stages of their careers or hobbies. Explore the archives for 70 (!!) issues worth of great articles - plus galleries of amazing themed artwork, fiction and poetry. Keep this 'zine going! We can't do it without your help!

I will be doing free prompted abstract paintings next Tuesday, October 25th. Tip sponsorships will let you leave your prompts early, and give you access to an amazing collection of perks and milepost prize incentives: hardcopy anthologies, bigger originals, extra originals, coloring books, prints, subscriptions to the 'zine... and sponsorships of $50 or more automatically come with bonus sponsorships of other prompters, so you may get sponsored just for leaving a free prompt during the window! A reminder, too, that subscriptions to EMG-Zine come with free banner advertising in our rotation for the duration of your subscription... this is a sweet deal for great advertising, especially since these banners now show up at the very popular Sketch Fest site, as well! (Write your donation off as an advertising expense on your taxes! Loopholes aren't just for the rich! And keep in mind that Sketch Fest is THIS weekend, October 21-22... get your subscription activated in time to take advantage of all that traffic!)

Not interested in an abstract painting? All subscriptions and donations to the site between now and November 4th will count towards out group incentive goals and you will be entered into the prize drawings!

Read more about this project, see example paintings, and help support EMG-Zine: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/abstracts2.php
Tags: abstracts, crowdfunding, emg-zine

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