Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fair Week!

I am scanning and printing at the same time! Yay USB cable... I've been needing one for friggin' ever. Took a while to get it set up right, but it'll save me lots and lots and lots of time in the long run. And wear-and-tear on my poor parallel port.

My computer's full. Ugh. I've already axed every game and frivolous file I had, and I'm about ready to move all my files to CD and suffer printing off of them. UGH!! Stupid, old, outdated, once-fast computer. It was top of the line when I got it. Three years ago now? Four? It may be time for a new one, or at least a new harddrive. Frustrating working on files and not being able to save the stupid things until I delete something else.

Scanned in NorthernLights2, and of course, don't like it now... the mountains are dumb-looking and there are smudgies in the sky. Bah. Good excuse to repaint it, and maybe I can sell this original for a few pennies at the fair. Hopefully more than a few pennies.

Jennie's there now, like a good minion, selling stuff. She's great at the salesman stuff... good smile, knows the products, cute enough to collect lots of lonely guys with money and convince them their lives won't be complete without a cool mousepad. And her primer is going to rock if I can get it %&%#* finished. Mermaid coloring book is the first priority, and I should be working on it now, but I'm not. It's going to rock, too. Wish it was a leeetle larger, but it's not. :( I'm hoping to whip out another piece for it this afternoon.

Have made a ton and half of products the last several days, and a lot of really sharp looking display products. The bookmark holder is awesome, and has already gotten lots of comments. We've got to take a bunch of pictures.

Circle Hot Springs is CLOSED!!! I'm so bummed. The answering machine message has this cryptic "Due to the state of the world, we're closed" message with a Fairbanks contact number, which I called. I recommend against this... the guy who answered kept me on the line for about 25 minutes, I got his entire life story, his views on the government, and a dissertation on bums and slackers. Basically, the economy sucks, and he's not willing to sell the resort to the 'wrong' person. So Jennie and I'll have to go to Chena HS again. That'll be fun, too... It's still lots of soaking and art time. How bad can it be? (please, no screaming kids, please, no screaming kids...)

(pause to color-match and reprint, set up new scan job, write an EMG update email and suck down some Coke... I expect the computer to start smoking any time now...)

Horoscopes! Crap; I'll try to get those finished today or tomorrow, Ciri.... sorrysorrysorry...

Printer's being finicky and drippy and I just got about seven thousand undeliverable messages back... gotta get back to work.

Hope you are all well!

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