Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily - housework and snow and happy Alaska Day!

It actually looks like winter now, but it really doesn't feel like it: it's right at freezing, and the scant few inches of snow that we have are wet and soft - very unlike the snow we usually have.

Because it is Alaska Day, state workers have a holiday, and Jake was home. We got furniture unpacked and moved in the hallway so I can finish painting the floor (I love FINISHING things) and sawed the door out of the nursery. I had forgotten that we still had to do that. The door I had for the studio was great for a studio door, but less useful for a nursery door - split in half the long way, very noisy to open and close. Tomorrow, I will have floor painting to do, and the drywall repairs to start on. The door, and the trim around it, will go up once that has finished. Unfortunately, the bathroom is to the 'large, heavy and unweildy parts' stage, ie: sheets of drywall. The weather (and roads) being as they are, we did not want to go get drywall today. We did load tires into Jake's truck, so that he can get them changed out tomorrow. Er, replaced, actually - the winter tires had very little tread left on them. I've also ordered the remainder of the curtains and hardware needed to deck out the nursery, and some aquarium decals.

Finger is far better today - bends completely again and doesn't hurt when I use it. Still feels a little 'off,' and I've had it wrapped for some of the day, but definitely improved. Still have no idea what I did to it, but I'm very happy it's healed up so fast.

In factory news, we're closing in on a name for guppy (millionfish!), the wiggles and little tickle-y somersaults continue on schedule, the heartburn is minor at worst, and the banana shakes and calcium have kept the calf cramps at bay. (mmm... banana shakes) Appetite is excellent, and weight gain is smack dab in the center of the ideal weight gain chart for my starting weight (and height) for week 22. Balance is improving as I get more used to what the heck is happening to my center of gravity.

Bread shaping now, and some programming things. (In bread news, I'm closing in on a Very Good English muffin recipe. Easy to make the dough, though a little tedious on the cooking, and it's hard to get the center cooked correctly.)
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