Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

*flops* and other mundane stuff

Back from town. I went to the gym (grueling!), post office (more grueling!), grocery shopping (ohgod, construction!), paid our land taxes (painless), and shopped for a wood-holder for beside the stove (lengthy). I found nothing useful that I liked pre-made, but had a long talk with a custom iron worker down the road from us and will probably be commissioning pretty much exactly what we want for a very reasonable price. It was awesome being in a workshop again - that distinct smell of oil and metal dust took me straight back to working in the machine shop. They have a sweet little CNC machine, and we talked design and function for a while. I drew the owner a 3-view plan, and he commented straight off that I must have worked with architects (I labeled my drawings and added dimensions). Guilty!

Before heading into town, I got a load of laundry washed and hung, and painted more on the upstairs floor. (Have to do it in walkable patches, because it's an important hallway).

Every so often I go into the nursery and smile foolishly - Jake and I picked the cradle up from my sister's house yesterday. I thought that this cradle had been my dad's, but there was an inscription on the bottom of it: Handmade by Grumpy Grandpa Leach, and a date just three months before I was born. It was made for me! By my grandpa! And now my little girl is going to sleep in it! (SLEEP, right? *taps belly pointedly*)

The warm fuzzies were barely dented when the cat decided to throw up underneath it.

Now, I have done dishes, chopped some wood, made a fire, cleaned up the cat puke and am ready to collapse sideways into my chair for a while.
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