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Mondaily with gross pet things, house building stuff and factory update.

Do not feel particularly well-rested from my weekend.

Saturday, Jake went to brew beer with a friend, and I took poor Norway to the vet, where, instead of a simple anal gland expression (he had suddenly started 'scooting') and shots update, we found out he had a ruptured anal gland. There was a limit to what they could do during a short appointment on the weekend while he was awake (for some reason, he does not appreciate having his butt played with), so we have some antibiotics and steroids, and today he gets sedated for a full flush and more thorough inspection. No shots until the run of antibiotics are done. It took three of us to hold him for a basic look at things, and the vet assistant's comment was 'Oof, he's a strong one!' He doesn't bolt or outright fight people fortunately, but he does have a way of leeeeaaaaaannnning that makes him hard to keep in place. He's extremely pouty this morning because he hasn't gotten breakfast (because of upcoming sedation). I think he knows something's up.

After that, I went to pre-natal yoga, which kicks my butt because I am very NOT flexible, though I finally have some minor claim to strength after a few years at the gym. Hopefully this class will help with that lack. Also, I approve of any class that schedules in 7 minutes of meditative naptime at the end of each session.

Yesterday, I made bread and refurbished the shower. The bathroom is next on our list of priorities, and we've been discussing the plan of action. One of the options was to tear out the existing corner shower and put in a bathtub, which would make child-bathing easier, but squeeze out the space for the sink, and be a holy pain in the butt in terms of level of work. But, our corner shower is difficult to use for anyone less than about 5'6" (due to where the controls are and where the showerhead points), and besides that was a hand-me-down from someone else that lived outside for about four years and developed a distinctly not-white blech during that time. It beat bathing with a bucket on the porch (our previous 'shower') but it wasn't really something we wanted to finish into our bathroom permanently (the wallboard will overlap the edges of the shower, so we're pretty much stuck with whatever we come up with now). We came up with a way to make the controls and operation short-person friendly, and then had the question of how much we liked the shower we had, which came down to 'can it be made cleaner,' because it wasn't exactly pretty.

The short answer is yes. It can be made cleaner. It took most of the day, a lot of bleach spray, Comet, stainless steel wool, a ratty sponge, a toothbrush and the end of a hanger, we scraped off miles of gross dis-colored caulk (much of which will need to be re-applied), and I totally ran out of steam before we got it finished. It already looks MUCH better, but it will take several more hours of good hard elbow-grease.

I think Jake may be a little disappointed because he was half-hoping for an excuse to chainsaw the shower out of the bathroom.

I will be finishing that scrubbing today, along with the dog ferrying, programming and putting up new coloring books for pre-order! If I have a chance, there will be writing on City of Lights 3, some art (most of my paints are here, two tubes were on backorder!), and a nap. I may post a new Torn World story today. If I have copious extra time, I will be starting the re-do on one of the walls in the nursery. (I'm not happy with the finish surface of the drywall, and learned a lot doing the bedroom drywall, so I'm going to FIX it rather than just live with it.) I also need to order more curtains, as we used some of the curtains I ordered for the nursery in the bedroom (it was way easier to install them while the room was gutted, so we used what we had, and LOVE them). And there is floor painting to do.

In factory news, the wiggling is getting quite acrobatic, I feel HUGE for being halfway there and will very shortly have to give up on jeans or go buy new ones, and I'm getting calf cramps that I understand are very normal. Stretching dutifully, eating well and getting lots of rest every night.

I hope your weekend was more restful than that! Did you do anything exciting?
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