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We moved back into the (finished!!!) bedroom last night, and I slept like a baby rock. I got a big cuddly body pillow a few days ago, and my whole sleeping arrangement is absolutely blissful. Artwork is up on the walls, curtains are hung; it looks like GROWN UPS live there, not college students in a cabin. I quite like it. And carpet on the feet when I get up! Glee! The whole configuration of the room is also more conducive to getting up quietly - I was able to go to the bathroom without waking Jake.

My doctor's appointment was rescheduled for this morning (she was delivering during my scheduled appointment yesterday, though I stuck around for my ultrasound appointment, obviously), so I'm doing some piddly, pokey programming and writing a blog post before showering and heading out.

Baby girl! I'm so excited! Not that I wouldn't have loved a boy, too, but I was sort of hoping for a girl. (If only to indulge my secret desire to build the awesome dollhouse I always wanted as a girl and now have the actual building skills to make.) This is great in some ways, and going to be harder in others... puberty arguably sucks more for girls, and I would have been able to foist the sex talk off on Jake if it had been a boy. My sister-in-law is already talking about PINK. Which is fine, in small doses... I also suspect my mother is dying to make clothing with frills and lace, which she hasn't gotten a chance to do in a very long time, with the nephews. (Though she sighs and speculates that a daughter of mine is likely to be quite a tomboy...)

About names: we haven't decided yet, though we've eliminated a lot of them. We've got a little while.

My inbox is really disastery right now, sorry for any reply delays, you guys...

And, shower now. I'm crossing my fingers for packages of coloring books and paints at the post office today!
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