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I've got a story up for subscribers at Torn World, The Forgotten City

What remained of the city was folded up onto a mountain, almost completely sideways, and most of it had crumbled to rubble at the base, scars of slides showed where it had fallen, while some of it still clung miraculously to the mountain faces like a lichen. Tough brush had grown over most of it, and a weak waterfall spilled over a channel that suggested a much more intense spring flood, flashing in the brilliant sun.

It was a Muse Fusion piece, prompted by ysabetwordsmith and sibylle.

Healthwise, good. Workwise, have some to do. I shall post cover progress later today, as I did actually make some this morning. (And I wrote another 145 words on City of Lights 3. Horrah! *slogs on*) Voting (ugh) and grocery shopping later.
Tags: daily, story, torn world

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