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Thursdaily with new story #weblit

It's Thursday! Already! (How?!)

Finishing EMG-Zine things today, including some finalization on credits and getting my news and the graphics together.

I've also got a very fun, but very complicated programming job to work on today. I'm enjoying this one quite a lot. And, if I'm feeling motivated enough, I'll be finishing that second round of trim we decided on for the bedroom, and prepping curtains to hang.

There's a poll at Torn World for the October Muse Fusion: http://www.tornworld.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=898

Also over at Torn World, I've got a new story in two parts up:

Bai arrived at the theatre with a scowl on his face colder than the air outside, and walked into the lobby stomping snow off of his boots. If anyone wondered why he was arriving alone, they didn't dare to ask, and he didn't particularly care to share the fact that Olarali had stood him up for the event.

Her card, sent down to where he waited in the greatroom at the House of Scarlet Wings, had protested a cold, but when Bai had anxiously inquired about her illness - surely nothing less than some serious sickness would keep her from attending the opening event of the season! - the matron had looked at him quite blankly.

He could not figure any slight he'd caused her recently, and she had been so excited about attending the opening that Bai was puzzled. Puzzles made him grouchy, and he wrangled over the issue in his head the entire walk from Olarali's House to the theatre several blocks away. He would have hired a covered conveyance if Olarali had been with him, but felt the walk would clear his head, instead.

Far from it, he was in more of an ill mood for the snowy walk, and his outer coat was quite damp by the time he arrived at the Kaleidoscope Theatre. He handed his coat over to an attendant who jumped to serve him, and was turning to make his way to his seat when a sight arrested him...

Both parts of this story have been posted today, because I am likely to be without Internet tomorrow (at least I have some warning on this one, unlike Monday's!). Start here:Railplay, Pt 1! If you'd like to read this entire plot line, you should start with Railcrazy and follow the next links in the right-hand menu. (Three of these stories are rated spicy or adult, which are filtered to registered readers, and two of those are reserved for subscribers, but the plotline still makes sense if you skip over these; I did that on purpose. Remember, too, that registered readers may pay in karma to read specific stories reserved for subscribers! Earn karma by commenting, or by leaving prompts at a Muse Fusion!) This particular story was great fun to write; I really hope you enjoy reading it. The next installment will be up next week!

More food now, and then more programming and 'zine work. Bellydancing tonight! I did gym yesterday, and am feeling it a bit.
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