Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily with magical fuel tank

I went for a walk with Jake over lunch and am BEAT. But I still have some more trim painting to do in the bedroom before I can nap. And some paid programming to beat into shape. And the kitchen to clean.

Bread is rising, the bathroom is clean and laundry is hung, at least. Orders are mailed and fuel is delivered.

How we managed to use only 250 gallons of fuel in 18 months is... nothing short of miraculous. Seriously. That doesn't seem POSSIBLE. Scenarios we have discussed include a 'tank of holding,' fuel fairies, or some crazed Samaritan who brings us 5 gallons of fuel every time we aren't looking. Yes, we burnt a lot of wood last winter, and we don't go nuts with the heat at any time, but we haven't really been THAT conservative. In fact, we've been keeping the house a little warm the last month because we WANTED to run out of fuel so we could get the tank fixed and fuel delivered before the driveway iced up... and still didn't. We've had 50 magical gallons of fuel in the tank since Thanksgiving - we measured it during the ice storm. I kid you not. I am utterly, completely baffled. (And no little bit thankful!)

In factory news, 19 weeks! Wiggles are a little more regular, heartburn has been mild but present the past few days (I'm not a fan). Definitely starting to show, and this pair of jeans will be going into storage very shortly. Some of the lower-wasted pairs will last longer.

As soon as I have the energy for it, I'm going to scrounge up some more food, then there is painting, cleaning and coding. And nap.
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