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Mondaily with new stories, and a day without Internet.

So what do you do when the Internet goes away for 8 hours?

My day looked like this:

Check email - discover that the Internet is down.

Spend 30 minutes trying to fix Internet; reconnecting, rebooting the modem, troubleshooting the network...

Pace. Do the dishes.

Check the network. Call technical support and listen to the automated message saying the network was down. Sigh.

Do laundry.

Check the network.

Finish a story.

Check the network.

Call the fuel tank repair company (forced to use a PHONE BOOK, because there was no Internet!)

Check the network. Gnash teeth because I can't search for reviews of the company I've just hired.

Hang laundry. Finish another story.

Check the network.

Get the fuel tank fixed. (All new fittings, new filter)

Check the network. Call technical support again and listen to the recorded message wistfully. Eat lunch. Miss Netflix.

Get the repairman back to fix a broken fitting (overtightened) that was starting to leak. (He was charmingly apologetic. I would hire him again.)

Check the network obsessively.

Finish another story, and start digging up some in-progress pieces from an archive drive. Hey, City of Lights 3!

Check the network.

Caulk the trim in the bedroom. (We've decided we need more trim in a few places; I bought it on Sunday and it's just about ready to go up.)

Check the network.

Schedule a fuel fillup for my now-not-leaking tank. Go over the sage paint in the bedroom to touch up spots that got scratched in carpet installation.

Check the network.

Schedule plane tickets. Set a few nails in the bedroom trim that poked out.

Check the network. Call technical support and go through the message to beg the technician to give me hope that there was an end to my isolation in sight! He guessed immediately where I lived - apparently construction took out one of the fiber optic cables and they guessed it might not be repaired until 9 that night. WOE. DESPAIR. GNASHING OF TEETH. It's only 4:30, can I live that long?

And a few minutes later, miraculously, I somehow had Internet again, and hadn't really missed that much.

I got four new stories submitted to the Torn World canon board, and posted one that was through review: Spectacles.

"Don't make a spectacle of yourselves," Jenorv warned them. "I don't want you bothering the medic and the glass grinder."

Bai fidgeted; there was a fountain in the courtyard of the Vitality Guild that he was dying to splash in. He edged away from his mother, testing the limits of her attention, and was rewarded by a sharp tug on his sleeve. "Bai," she said warningly. "I'm serious. This man usually only sees grown-ups, and it's a great favor for him to see you two. Don't embarrass me."

It was odd for their mother to take them somewhere, and not their nanny Larama, Bai thought, looking down at his shoes instead of meeting her eyes. They were new shoes; not entirely comfortable yet. "Do you hear me, Bai?" Jenorv insisted, and Bai mumbled a reply to the stiff shoes.

Jenorv sighed, and pulled him forward into the big doorway. Rai, on her other side, stuck close to her, and Bai considered the option of a temper tantrum. It wasn't a good option - he was old enough to recognize that it wouldn't gain him much besides his mother's ire, even if he wasn't old enough to go to school yet. They climbed several flights of wide stairs and went into a dim-lit office.

The medic was an old man who smelled like vegetables and frowned at the brothers with disapproval. Bai knew at once that he was not the kind of old man who liked children, and found himself scowling back.

If you are a Torn World supporter, you can read the rest here! (Did you also know that you can spend 30 karma and read stories reserved for supporters? Membership has rewards, and karma is easy to earn!)
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