Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Trim is up!!

Trim in the bedroom is all installed! We just need to caulk a few of the joints, and touch up both the white and the sage paint in a few places (where it got roughed up during carpet installation). Then we can move back in! Then, the final touches in the nursery, the entire bathroom, installing the dryer and the stairwell banister. But for now, I am going to be happy about getting all the trim up! Horrah! As an extra bonus treat, there are no longer 12 foot lengths of trim clogging up my living room!

After a long hot shower and some food, I sat down and wrote a flash fiction piece for the next issue of EMG-Zine (We had no fiction or poetry for Scandinavian Mythology! Alas!) and worked on a few Torn World stories - one a totally non-pressure far-future story and one a somewhat future story for the anthology. No art today. Alas! But the evening is young, and after our delicious french dip sandwiches (I baked all-white bread today, which is a rare treat; usually they are half-whole) I may sit down and do some drawing. I've got two sketches and an inked piece outstanding, plus that cover piece I want to work on.

Still not enough hours in the day!
Tags: housebuilding

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