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Gak... I'm soooo sick of work. If I can, I'll take several days off once this push is over. I haven't had a day off (from the day job) in weeks, and I'm sooo behind again. I was in at 6 AM this morning, having stayed up until 1 in the morning playing Monopoly with Matt and Nicki and Jake. Not the smartest move, but I needed the unwind more than I needed the sleep.

Ironically, I've been churning out writing for Kadanzer, nearly a story a week. Frankly, I never intended to be part of Pern fandom... AM is a ... stickler is the kindest word I can think of ... about her copyrights, which takes a lot of the fun out of the stuff. But I've got the coolest character; she was supposed to be a throw-away, one of those that I never really planned to do anything with, and she's taken on this amazing life of her own. I've got a lot of sketches for the stories, too. I've always love writing and illustrating and I've had soooo much fun with these. (If you're not a Kadanzer member, but you'd like to read them, I'm game... I'm just not willing to post an URL because god-forbid that AM find out that I've written something for fun based however loosely on her work and I actually want to share it with people)

'Nuf for now... gotta get these details rearranged...

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