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No writing yet today, but I did jam on the big cover painting I'm tackling; I need to do scary perspective things next, and otherwise, it's nearly ready for paint. Which is a problem, because I am out of (or never had to begin with) several key colors. I am thinking about doing some crowdfunding with this one to help raise paint money - and maybe even fund a few new brushes. I would do it here, not through Kickstarter, because there's not a specific goal - I could not at all hope to fund the actual value of this painting, but any little bit would help defray the paint order. I'm going to do it, regardless; it would just be nice to not actively lose money on it, even if I don't get paid for it.

(On that note, all the paintings from the last fundraiser are mailed except ones I'm waiting to hear back on! I didn't not expect it to take so long, but have decidedly learned a great deal and streamlined my methods for the next one...)

So, Facebook has made major changes that people are complaining about, and they're all going to Google Plus. I chuckle. This happens with every social media at some point. Several points, often. And as is often the case, I actually think their changes are good - I LIKE being able to see which pieces they put in top news as opposed to recent, and being able to say 'no, this is not top news to me' is SUPER valuable. I thought that the sneaky way they showed me top news pretending it was recent and relevant, whether I thought it was, was much worse. The little stalker-y side-ticker? Meh. Not a fan of that.

However, if you are part of the migration, I am on Google Plus. Ellen Million, just like I am everywhere.

This morning, I have made bread, wrapped and frozen meat (Safeway had buy one, get one free, so we stocked up), eaten a little, cleaned a little, and drawn.

In factory news, still have little baby wiggles, and also had some heartburn last night after a big meal, which is apparently common, but not terribly pleasant. Ginger tea took care of it, when I finally thought to have some. Have had some horrendous, horrible, awful pregnancy dreams. Definitely showing in some outfits now, but still fit into almost everything.

Grr! Email is down.

Some coding now, some writing this afternoon, and more consideration about crowdfunding my painting.

Happy Thursday, all!
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