Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Next Sketch Fest(s)!

October is galloping down on us!

Now, looking ahead, the following month is November, when a lot of us (self included) will be working on NaNoWriMo manuscripts. Last year, we skipped November, and December being too busy for two, did two Sketch Fests in January. This year, since we're thinking ahead (crazy, I KNOW), we could put two in October instead!

I am not yet positive all of these weekends are free for ME, but I want to poll the participants early and see what the trends are for the month, and find out your opinion on trying a weekday Sketch Fest if we go with a second on this month.

Feel free to elaborate on your choices in the comments!

Poll #1780319 October Sketch Fest(s)

When could you participate in the October Sketch Fest(s)?

Sept 30-Oct 1
Oct 7-8
Oct 14-15
Oct 21-22
Oct 28-29

Spacing of October/November Sketch Fests?

Two Sketch Fests in October and none in November
One in October, one in November

If we do a second Sketch Fest in October...

I can only participate on weekdays!
I would prefer a weekday, though either would work!
Weekday, weekend, it's all the same!
I could participate on a weekday, but don't really want to.
I couldn't participate on a weekday. :(
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