Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Last day at work for more than two weeks!!!!

Gooood morning!

Still a little lingering stiffness and swelling in the hips, but my neck and shoulders haven't felt this good in *years* and I still have lots of 'extra' mobility. I should be icing the lower back now. Bad Ellen...

Get to go on a fieldtrip this afternoon. Yay! Construction site inspection, and I get to wear a hardhat.

So excited about Jennie coming in tomorrow!! World domination to commence at once.

Cleaned up downstairs to make a 'bedroom' for her, and compiled more than four bags of stuff to return, primarily to Home Depot. It's going to take *forever* to go through the damn receipts. I'm hoping I'll just be able to lug my bags to the return counter and they can scan the stuff and give me store credit or something... It's not like we haven't spent a zillion dollars at Home Depot already, or that we aren't going to spend a zillion more...

I think Jake may have a good point when he says I have very poor time estimating skills. I'll be happy to get the webpage and fair accomplished this week. I'd be ecstatic to accomplish the RWH Tarot, but I shouldn't be thinking I can definitely, for-sure finish it. So much to do... *dies*

1. Empty trash out of car
2. Stash to-be-returned items at mom and dad's
3. Finish installing toilet???!?! (wet wall, too...)
4. Ice back at least twice
5. Mail bills, pay house insurance

1. Vet appointment at 3:30
2. Pick up Jennie at 6:30
3. Finish making Jennie's room (find and inflate air mattress)
4. Ice back at least twice
5. Straighten house, sweep.
6. Go grocery shopping. (we're almost out of milk and cookies!)
7. Eat a few times
8. Sleep, maybe...

1. Orders (2+)
2. Contracts!!!!
3. Emails
4. Web
5. Fair stuff
6. Maybe RWH Tarot. *crosses fingers*

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