Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fridaily! With Muse Fusion and New Story and Other Exciting News

Muse Fusion TOTALLY snuck up on me. I put up a poll at the Torn World forums, and it was unanimously this weekend as the choice. And here we are! At this weekend already! (How the heck did that happen?!)

So, in one hour, I (along with other Torn World contributors!) will be open to Torn World writing and art prompts for the weekend! Watch this space for a link to the event!

Don't have anything to do in the meantime? I've got a new story up at Torn World today!

On Rails

Jarl toyed with the cut-glass bottle, keeping the stopper under one thumb. A drop of the amber liquid was very nearly as pricey as the harpoon snail paralytic that he bought on the black market. This, while not illegal, had the potential to be just as dangerous, if applied right. A card with a glossy red lip print lay on the desk in front of him.

...read the rest!

It comes with a sketch:

I wrote another 1113 words on the next segment of this story today.

Yesterday, I got all the coloring books finished and ordered. I should have stock of Fishbowl Fantasies (almost sold out again!) back in about three weeks, as well as three proofs - one a reprint, and two new titles.

In factory news, I've been feeling probably-baby bubbles. They're too uniform and stationary to be gas. Back pain has been somewhat problematic, but I'm finding that keeping a pillow under my knees when I sit (at the advice of the doctor, who explained last week that keeping knees above lap keeps the pelvic bone from tilting the wrong way) has made a big improvement. I'm a little concerned about the general lack of weight gain, though the doctor wasn't. Thinking about stocking up on Ensure like I did when my hypoglycemia was at its worst. Round ligament pain strikes at odd times still, but hasn't been a regular complaint.

I need to get some sing-able music... most of what I listen to is just instrumental, or simply hard to sing to, but I want to start making singing/talking noises for guppy... and am finding that talking to 'myself' isn't something I'm exactly comfortable doing. Maybe when there's really a baby, it will be easier, but talking to stomach bubbles just feels crazy.
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