Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


It's official - all paid for and everything! I get my carpet delivered tomorrow and installed on Monday morning! We painted the room in that sage green last night, and I love it. Jake's not quite as thrilled ("It's a little... minty-Peptol-Bismol..."), but has promised to try and like it, and if he still hates it by tomorrow, we have time to repaint with something else over the weekend. He liked it better this morning than he did last night, and he also hated the orange wall and the colors in the nursery when they first went up - both of which he agrees now are great colors. I think he has color inertia to get over.

Gymed today, and programmed a bit, and went shopping (ice cream! Mm!) and dealt with carpet coordination. I also picked up a sympathy card for a friend of the family who lost their mother. Hormonal pregnant women should not pick out sympathy cards. They had sappy music playing in the store, and they were all so sad. I picked the card that made me cry the hardest and ran for it. Oh god, I'm going to get blubbery just thinking back on it... and the sad thing is that I think the happy mermaid birthday cards would have made me just as teary! Pull yourself together, Ellen! Green carpet!

In factory news, I have an appointment tomorrow morning and am looking forward to the poke-n-prod. I suspect she will want me to gain more weight, but we'll see. I eat regularly, and have gained a little at least.

Okay, some more programming to do, and then... erm... other stuff. HAPPY damn stuff.

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