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Good morning!


Sketch Fest is THIS weekend! By a huge margin, people's spoken preference was for the 9-10th of this month, so I aim to please! You get a whole boatload of new features, and keep in mind that this means you have a very limited window to purchase any of the available sketches. Some of these will be available again... but most of them will not be!

We're collecting work for the "Frogs" themed issue of EMG-Zine! Frog princes, frog warriors, frogs and fairies... send us your frogs! http://emg-zine.com/submitart.php

Fantastic Portfolios is under new direction! I have appointed Janet Chui as the project director, and she is already starting many awesome new improvements. Join the discussion at the forum to find out about some of the new features and leave some feedback. I am really excited to have Janet take the reins for this!

Torn World contributors - please see the forums for some important discussions, including a request for the choice of the next Muse Fusion!

A Project Wonderful reminder - I have ad space available at EMG-Zine, and also now at Torn World! I remind you of this now because I'm about to go announce the new issue of EMG-Zine to my mailing list, so an ad that shows now is likely to get a lot of eyeballs... Just sayin'...

Story posted...

Wile Away has been posted at Torn World! Here's the first bit:

Sea travel wasn't always speedy.

Even with one of the newest, sleekest ship designs, the Wave Climber took several days between ports - sometimes tendays, if the sea monsters were restless, or the weather unfavorable.

When Ussil took up crochet, Iremima didn't say anything. The man may have only come up to most people's waists, and he was the only normal-sized Djuurludirj on board, but he was a tough and resourceful warsailor, and if he had found some entertainment in raveling together sheets of yarn to occupy those times he wasn't on watch, Iremima wasn't going to say anything about it. His sharp eyes still spotted sea monster threats, and his sharp weapons still cut them away from her ship.

Thlima, looking sideways at her, also chose not to comment on the non-descript bag Ussil took to lugging around with him. The rest of the crew took their cues from the captain and her second, and simply ignored the matter, even when the scarf took rather gargantuan length and became something of a hazard when extracted in full.

It was only a tenday before Ussil had taught the cook to crochet, producing a spare hook and a skein of yarn, and patiently explaining the basic stitches to the grizzled old man. He turned out quite deft at it, and had completed a very basic - if lop-sided - hat within several days.

The food didn't suffer for it, so Iremima continued to ignore it...

... Read the rest at Torn World!

(And, if so inspired, vote for us at Top Web Fiction!)

To do...

Packing up orders, perks and paintings now. I have a hair appointment over lunch (prettification!), then I'll be on the prowl for the perfect carpet and paint for the bedroom. If inspired, and carpet installation is scheduled (crossing fingers!!), I hope to paint a coat on the walls tonight. We may also buy trim - at least crown molding and baseboard, because there are ugly gaps at top and bottoms of the walls, which can be painted at the same time. I'm glad it's still warm enough to close the bedroom door, open the windows and let the fresh carpet off-gas outside. I am skipping the gym today because I hiked about 8 miles over the weekend, and got plenty of exercise sanding and painting.

In factory news, I have some belly. I was poking at it yesterday, thinking I didn't look particularly pregnant, but just a little like I did early last year when my gall bladder was starting to act up, but before I had identified the problem and moved to my fat-free-lose-10-lbs-a-week-whether-you-want-to-or-not diet... except that it's ALL in front. There's no sideroll that's pinchable, just a little pooch right in front only. Does that count as 'showing?' I suspect I'm at that stage where you'd better not ask any woman ever if she is pregnant, because the chance of being wrong is way too high. I still fit in all my jeans, no problem, but tight shirts are a little snug across the belly unless I'm actively sucking it in (which I am not nearly vain enough to bother with).

More order packing now! Hope you guys had a lovely weekend!
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