Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fridaily with genius

Is genius!

I tackled some upgrades at EMG-Zine that I've been sort of dreading; I figured they'd take a few days of work... and I nailed them out in about three hours. Now, when a piece of writing is updated from any status to published, the author gets an automatic email letting them know it's scheduled for publication, and when, and it tells them how many credits they've earned - and if they've got a linked lilypad account, it automatically gives them those credits and adds a record to the log. Boo-yeah. This will save Jennifer and I a lot of time in the long-term, and really speed up the process for authors to redeem their credits.

This puts me quite nicely on the way to the whole credits integration system that I've been daydreaming about. I fixed a few teeny bugs, while I was there, and the whole thing is actually quite a weight off my mind; I've got some cleanup to do on the notification email, and a page to build for general credit information and redemption left to do, but already this is a LOT of time saved.

You can check out the September issue now - marvel at the amazing animations in Gaits of the Quadruped!

I also outlined the next segment of the Ressa/Bai storyline for Torn World; I'm looking forward to writing these scenes! Fancy theatre get-up! Snarky gossip! UST!

I did a load of laundry this morning and made bread - and the clothes may be dry enough that I can do a second load this evening; I hope so!

Hungry, but otherwise still not feeling particularly knocked up. I'm totally keyed up trying to decide if every little stomach flutter and gas bubble is baby-kick, but I'm fairly sure none of them have been. It could still be a while before I get to that stage. I'm trying to be patient.

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