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Mondaily with Weekend Recap and end-of-month reminders

Built this weekend. Worked on the closet in the bedroom, took a load of trash in, painted the doghouse and cleaned up the disaster caused by sawing things in the kitchen (sawdust, everywhere!!). I also repaired the staple gun, which mysteriously stopped working last week. This entailed the time honored tradition of taking it apart, wiggling things, and putting it back together. Worked great. No staples jammed in it (as I was anticipating), but I suspect the firing-bar-thingy had gotten jammed up and it simply got released when I took the casing off.

It's a CRAZY week ahead for me.

Today: Making bread, low-key job interview* (postponed to tomorrow), insulation in the closet walls, Muse Fusion, laundry, gym(?), dry the bacon meat in prep for smoking, mail coloring book, get print order out.

This week: Hair appointment Tuesday, Massage and adjustment Wednesday (SO need it!), baby doctor Friday, possible day job work hours in there, pre-natal yoga starts Saturday, I think (need to find out more about it...), little freelance job I just got info for, finish bedroom walls so we can get carpet installed next week (lots of little tasks that require drying between layers, so gotta keep on top of all the bits), more laundry, mail paintings (scan the rest! See if I'm missing any icons!), try to stay on top of/beat down my inbox, get EMG-Zine up (I have a treat for you guys this month!), finalize coloring books...

*Yeah, a possible day job. Retail. Not expecting great pay, wonderful hours or amazing life experience, but I've been thinking about volunteering, because I have got to get out of the house, and I can't get any freelance hours, so if I can get something for a few hours of work a week, great! A friend leaving town left this position open, and it seems like a nice place to work, and they really need someone, the timing could be really good... so... why not? I'll at least print up my resume, dress up and go talk to the owner and see if it might work out. It at least partly depends on what hours are available - I need my weekends for building. (And I am super bummed that the yoga class is smack in the middle of Saturday, because that really borks my weekend work groove.)

Reminders! Get Scandinavian Mythology themed work in by the end of Thursday: http://emg-zine.com/guidelines.php

Coloring book bundles sale ends Wednesday! http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/coloringbooks.php (This is the cheapest you'll be able to get these... probably ever. They make FABULOUS Christmas gifts, for adults especially.)

Let me know when you'd like to see the September Sketch Fest - I need to set the date soon.

Off to get that day of crazy started...
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