Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Today, cutting the nipples and pig skin off of a slab of bacon-to-be, with pork juice up to my elbows, I thought to myself, 'My life is not glamorous.'

That's okay, it's still a good life, and I will have many, many delicious breakfasts of bacon from this.

Tomorrow is Torn World's August Muse Fusion! I will be opening it in the morning tomorrow, and running it through Monday at noon. Please bring us prompts to work from, and if you're a Torn World contributor, consider jumping in yourself. This is a great way to get the muse flowing and give some flash fiction or sketching a try.

In factory news - I bought a scale yesterday, and was 132.6 lb. I have been stalled at between 132 and 133, according to the gym scale. Today, I was 134.8. O.o I am doubtful. I did not eat myself silly today.

Off to start the oven for bread now.
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