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On names - Sketch Fest improvements and general project policy change!

The whole Google Plus names hubbub has had interesting timing with some thoughts stewing through my own brain for a couple of months now, and a particular user request I got last weekend.

Not everyone wants their Real Legal name associated with their online content, especially if it's an unusual name, and they're looking for work in a pretty cold and competitive economic climate. I've never had a different online persona, but I totally respect that there are *reasons* people just don't want their real life intersecting with their online persona. Maybe they find fandom or fantasy an unprofessional stigma to bear, or they use the cloak of anonymity for some other reason. Whatever the cause... people deserve the option of that cloak.

Now, my systems have always been set up with full, legal names. I run a business - I need those names for legal business-y reasons. But I don't *have* to show those names. I've always had a space in the database for nicknames, but it never showed up anywhere except the backend, to other artists.... and was never really used.

Hmm, my brain said to me. You can collect their legal name and NOT share it, you know!

So, that's what I'll be doing. In fact, Sketch Fest has just been updated to fully support that. Although I will continue to encourage full names in general, and will require legal names privately if you want to conduct business with me, you now have the *option* to enter a Nickname into the database and use that as your public moniker. That is what will be saved in comments, and show on your artist page, with your artwork, etc. If you want your real name and your nickname to show, use both in the nickname field: Ellen (theamazing) Million, for example. If you had just a shortname in your nickname field (theamazing, for example), you might want to flesh that out.

I will be adding this option at Torn World and Portrait Adoption shortly. (Torn World will be particularly tricky, because names show up in SO many freaking places...)

If you spot any pages at Sketch Fest that I've missed, please let me know! There are probably some oddball places I didn't think to fix it, and heaven knows I might have stirred up some bugs... (Note that comments will not update with revised names, because I set up the comment system in a relatively retarded fashion, and I intend to fix that... eventually.) I suspect I will have to do some troubleshooting on the catch-function that checks to make sure an unregistered user isn't using a registered user's name...

Also at Sketch Fest, you can now delete your pictures (in case you upload twice or just can't BEAR to have that piece anywhere online!) and upload multiple finished works for each sketch! Who loves ya?? (I also put a tag on purchases made by CC so it's easy for me to spot the sales not made by credits and verify that they went all the way through, but no one will notice that but me.) Oh, and there's now a mathematical catch to make sure you're donating 10%... I had a person or two last sketch fest list something at a high price with $1 to EMG. I'd actually lose money on that sale, which is not the point!

Daily post later... some food and bread making now!

ETA: One other important addition - I have disabled hotlinking to files on the EMG domain - I'm getting some bandwidth theft that is borking my stats. If you would like to continue to hotlink to SF pictures, just let me know what sites you want to link from and I will add them to the allowed list. Unfortunately, it will not support wildcards, so I can't add *.livejournal.com, I have to add them one-at-a-time.
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