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A considerably better day than yesterday, so far. (Though the day definitely ended more favorably than it began, and dinner was the most AMAZING homemade lasagna ever.)

Got some Torn World administratae taken care of, and I'm getting ready to do some art thingies. I'm going to the gym today (human contact!) and going shopping (out of ice cream!!) and I've got some more drywall to work on this afternoon. My inbox needs attention, and some more sales came in via Sketch Fest that I need to contact artists about. (I guess I rushed it being all prompt and getting everything caught up on Monday. :P)

I missed an exciting day on the Internet, apparently. The east coast got a baby roller-coaster, and Russia 'approved' a $65 billion dollar tunnel across the Bering Straits to Alaska. I scoff good-naturedly at both of these, though I'm quite glad the earthquake wasn't worse, and I *love* the idea of taking the rail to London from here... Russia has 'approved' a bridge to Alaska since 1905, and it gets 'approved' every five years or so (some of the articles currently being linked are from 2007, for example) - but 'approved' is not financed, and 65 billion dollars? Really? Wouldn't pay for a fraction of that project. 65 billion might get you the rail to the coast and some engineered plans. Maybe one engine. As much as I love the concept, I am not optimistic about the execution. No one would make enough money with it to justify the expense.

In other news around the Internet, I am trying to convince myself I don't *really* need homemade caramels, even if it's for a good cause: http://wirewalking.livejournal.com/229772.html (but you may! Ginger caramels! Spicy mango caramels! *drooool*) (via dulcinbradbury)

In factory news, I am a decided non-fan of round ligament pain. In fact, OMG, NOT a fun time. It's woken me up a time or two at night when I rolled over - shooting pain like I've just pulled a muscle - and twice standing up from my chair. If I get up carefully, I don't have a problem, but I am very much in dislike of this particular symptom. I am hopeful it does not decide to get more persistent, because nothing would drive me more insane than being restricted from walking. Bedrest is NOT my idea of restful. Five MONTHS of bedrest? Oh god, shoot me.

In less pleasant news, Norway had an accident inside last night. I'm really not sure why - he's not had a night-time accident since he was a puppy. I noticed he was really twitchy when I got up to empty my pea-sized bladder at about 1:30, but he settled (and never went to the door specifically), so I thought maybe it was just wind outside that woke him up. Two hours later, his whining woke me, and I had a puddle to mop up while he bolted outside to finish the job. He was terribly sheepish about the incident, poor guy.

In more pleasant news, my zucchinis seem better - I lost part of one more to rot two days ago, but I suspect it was one that hadn't been pollinated early enough. Several of them are hitting 5 inches-ish, now, and I've gotten more male flowers, so I can keep pollinated. I'm hopeful that we get something of an Indian summer - in part because I am sick of the cold and dreary, and in part so these have a chance to grow some more. My potato plants look extra sad, and most of my pansies have died. The marigolds have thrived, though, and are fighting with the zucchinis for space and the strawberries, though they didn't put out any fruit, seem happy in their bed and have spread quite a lot. The wildflowers I planted along the uphill parking space are going great guns and the red poppies and bachelor buttons are starting to bloom. There is also a sea of white and pink flowers I don't recognize. I am avoiding picking any of these, in the hopes that they will self-seed and come back strong next year.

Off to art now!
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