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Did a project recap for the abstracts over at crowdfunding: http://crowdfunding.livejournal.com/326953.html

Started bread.

Ate two breakfasts.

Submitted a story to Torn World.

My other plans include: last few abstract paintings, work on Upheaval novel, gym, grocery shopping, fill up the car with gas, remind people to submit 'Scandinavian Mythology' art and writing to EMG-Zine, announce that Muse Fusion is this weekend and look at my inbox and tremble in fear. I've also got two piece of artwork to finish from Sketch Fest, and fortunately, my wrist is feeling considerably better today, despite abusing it with the caulk gun yesterday.

Over the weekend, we got the wall between the nursery and bedroom insulated and sheathed - I also get to mud and tape today!

Housebuilding is - as usual - slower than I want it to be, but still Major Progress. I was sort of iffy on the worth of insulating between the rooms (I've been calling it remodeling, but truth is, these interior walls have been open studs, so 'finishing' would be more accurate)... I wasn't sure if it would really do any good. Our house is small and has small house sounds; you can hear anyone from anywhere else in the house, even if they aren't being noisy. But lo! It has been worth every penny of insulation, and going into either of the upstairs rooms, even without carpet or sealing around the doors yet, is like entering a whole quiet new world. Talking between rooms requires raising your voice significantly, and I can't even hear the radio playing in the nursery with the doors shut unless it's quite loud. All of a sudden, it doesn't sound like a one-room cabin anymore. I suspect this will be greatly important with three of us in this little space.

It is densely foggy today, and starting to look depressingly autumn-like, with yellow leaves starting to pepper the ground and trees.
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