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Sketch Fest in just over an hour!

It should start automatically by itself, this time... a lot of this month's improvements are back-end things you won't ever see but that will really make my life a lot easier. There are also some other rather minor tweaks throughout, and some general fixes.

I've scanned and posted another set of abstracts - you can see all of them (including a bunch that are available!) here: http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1216777.html (LOTS of images)

I updated my Amazon shop pretty extensively yesterday: http://www.amazon.com/shops/ellenmilliongraphics

(Financial news in general is super depressing - I've got to stop reading about it on the Internet because it makes me feel helpless, and I really hate that feeling above anything else.)

In factory news, we're working on teeth roots and hair follicles; both are rather surprising to me, as I figured those wouldn't occur until much later. The massage and adjustment I had on Wednesday took care of the lingering backache I'd had, and also solved a low-level headache I wasn't really aware I had! I've been reading up on breastfeeding, which I intend to do, and have avoided looking up Terrible Stories of Awful Pregnant Health Things on the Internet in general.

In other news, laundry is hanging to dry, the bathroom is airing out following a major (overdue) scrubbing, Sketch Fest starts in 10 minutes (clearly I got distracted while writing this...), I finished a short story today and came up with a new opening line for the Upheaval novel... as well as a potential publication plan, thanks to the advice of a friend.

Now, I'm going to set up an art station so I can do some real, serious arting for Sketch Fest today until Jake gets home and we tackle remodeling. I MAY get my abstracts project wrap-up finished and posted, today, too.

Do let people know about Sketch Fest! The more the merrier!


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Aug. 20th, 2011 01:26 am (UTC)
I will send you "amazing instant breastfeeding baby" vibes; I have them to spare! And good job avoiding Terrible Stories!

I have gone and prompted, but now I have to go get our dinner!
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