Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Today is tired...

I got more paintings painted!

I think I have just three more to do, plus three or four I want to take another stab at. All the big ones are done and drying, and there are about 20 ACEOs still drying. You can see the ones I've scanned here: http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1216777.html (Massive post, lots of images... each image is fairly small, but there are a LOT of them, and I'm adding more nearly every day.) I should also mention that if you aren't happy with your original prompted painting, I'll do one do-over for you, or you can pick from the available paintings instead.

The available paintings are $2 each if you've already sponsored enough to have a painting sent to you, or $3 US/$5 international if you missed the window. If you prompted one of them, it's on hold for you for 24 hours. Some of you get to choose another from the available pieces, let me know if you see one you'd like to put on hold, even if you don't want to make a final choice until you've seen them all. ACEO prints of any of these are available for $1 (+$1 shipping, flat fee, free if you've sponsored enough to have them sent to you). All of these post-window sales count towards my goal totals, so it's still possible I will get to the next goal - where all sponsors will also get a free ACEO print of their choice!

(You can also use your EMG credits or send a check, just let me know!)

Let me know, if you haven't already, what you want on your icons! (Or if you don't want an icon - that's fine, too.)

Other than that, I am WAY more tired than the day warrants. I had an OB appointment this morning, and took Jake with me to meet the doctor. He liked her, and we asked many questions, and the appointment was very thorough, so we weren't out of there for a solid 2 hours, what with the bloodwork, and peeing in a cup and ascertaining that I have my major organs in the right places. Most exciting of all, we got to listen to the heartbeat together. That was pretty breathtaking.

We went out for a giant breakfast at the cheap greasy spoon, and swung by Home Depot to get some floor transition molding for the edge of the nursery. We were planning to finish hanging crown molding tonight and maybe work on the door today, but instead, I took a nap and lo, it was 2 hours later, and most of the day was gone. I did some painting, scanned some paintings, and had some dinner. Having had said 2 hour nap, I should not be ready for bed again at 8:30. Having a slight headache and backache isn't helping.
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