Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Summary of abstracts

(which is an ironic title, given that another definition of 'abstract' is a summary...)

This page is in progress, to help keep me organized, and is post-dated to avoid from overwhelming friendslists...

Most recent additions are at the beginning of each section. These are in order of drying and scanning, not of painting.

The available paintings are $2 each if you've already sponsored enough to have a painting sent to you, or $3 US/$5 international if you missed the window. If you prompted one of them, it's on hold for you for 24 hours. Some of you get to choose another from the available pieces, let me know if you see one you'd like to put on hold, even if you don't want to make a final choice until you've seen them all. ACEO prints of any of these are available for $1 (+$1 shipping, flat fee, free if you've sponsored enough to have them sent to you). All of these post-window sales count towards my goal totals, so it's still possible I will get to the next goal - where all sponsors will also get a free ACEO print of their choice!

(You can also use your EMG credits or send a check, just let me know!)


On Hold


Tags: abstracts, crowdfunding
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