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Scans of yesterday's paintings are starting to pop up in the comments of the last few posts - 21 of them so far. :) Some of them were dry enough this morning, many are not. Some of them will not be for several days. I will do a compilation post once I've gotten more done. (Some are here, some are here.)

I am really awed and totally blown away by the donations - thank you so much for the tips, I am SO glad to be able to order the curtains I really wanted with a clear conscience, and to look forward to other nursery improvements that would have been a serious pocketbook wrestle. You guys are awesome and I am so touched.

I'm looking for coloring book entries today! Today is (was?) the deadline, but we're still just a few pieces short for the Arabian Nights theme! Do you need a short extension? *taps toes*"

I'm off to the gym now! Gotta work out all the kinks I caused hunching over paintings all of yesterday...
Tags: abstracts, crowdfunding

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