Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wrapping things up...

Okay, that was tremendously fun, and I probably should have stopped painting an hour earlier. :P

But did I mention, fun?

I still have a few left to do - I need to gather some second prompts, a few folks didn't answer my query regarding size or initial prompts, and I've got some addresses to collect for a few folks who had their cards sponsored. :) The giant orange piece is only half-done, but I chose crazy-stupid details, so I had to take a break...

This is my floor right now. You can go back two entries to see larger photos of each chunk. :)

Icons and scans with your paintings will trickle in tomorrow and later in the week as they dry - I ran out of my primary paint in a few cases and had to use a slower-drying acrylic, so some of them may take several days to get scan-worthy.

My hands are tired, so that's all the entry you get. Thank you so much for playing along! *collapses*
Tags: abstracts, crowdfunding

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