Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fridaily with Flop

Slept in by two hours today and still dragging. I may take the dog for a long wander in an attempt to get some blood flowing soon; I've been plugging away at yesterday's list, still, and most of it is tedious, meticulous stuff that needs a lot of attention but isn't particularly stimulating.

I've also re-watched most of Season 2 of Avatar, the Last Airbender while I worked. I watched the live action movie on Netflix Wednesday (it was streaming, so why not?), and it was so... terrible. The effects were awesome, I liked the soundtrack and the costumes, I didn't feel like the casting was as awful as the Internet outrage made it out to be... but it was so flat. I mean, I can see that they'd have trouble adapting an entire season into one movie without cutting things, but their choices of things to cut? And who wrote this dialogue? Why not just use what had already been written for some parts? No one was goofy enough - notably Aang and Sokka. Iroh was particularly 'huh?' - he's supposed to be harmless and dumpy and old-feeling, not some generic strong warrior type. And oh guh... who would use Katara saying 'My brother and the princess grew close in that time' to build a relationship and set up romantic tension? Oh, PLEASE.

So, I've been enjoying the original animated version again, to take the taste of it out of my mouth. I'd forgotten how delightful it was.

Guppy is growing digestive and waste tools right now - intestines and bladders and the like. Despite eating everything in sight, increasing in the bust area and looking a little softer in the stomach (despite faithful crunches), I have not yet gained a single pound. Clearly, all these increases are coming directly from my brain.

More food and a forest wander now, then cleaning and printing.
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