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Thursdaily with story and artwork and list of doom....

I have a new story up at Torn World!

Everberries is the last story to be published at Torn World that is included in the Family Ties and Torn Skies anthology. This is a longer story (for me), about 5000 words, and was inspired by the cover artwork. It has two full-page illustrations and little filler art. It's an excellent introduction story to the snow-unicorn riders and their way of life and land.

Late autumn sunlight beat down on the low alpine slopes. The only stream of Others was across the valley, high and tiny in the sky, and no clouds marred the perfect blue sky.

The snowies were all hobbled, and making giant, munching inroads on the shoulder-high brush that rolled over low spots in the high hills. They almost never came over this pass, so these were un-razed browsing grounds. The snow-unicorns were doing their best to make up for lost time, chewing willows and alders down to stumps with eager teeth. They snorted as they ate, contented crunching sounds mixed with snuffling and the whining, bleating and groaning vocal communication that was a constant with the beasts.

“I want it to stay this way for always,” Birka said, laughing and throwing herself down onto the moss next to Fala. “Us, back together again as an age-set out in the mountains, with autumn lasting forever and ever...”

Both of these illustrations have high-resolution .jpg files available for subscribers to download, print and color. :) (Subscribe for as little as $5!)

You can check out an awesome review of the anthology on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Family-Ties-Skies-Ellen-Million/dp/1933603313/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1312482272&sr=8-1

List of Doom

  • Print service order (must find giant shipping tube, too, urgh).
  • Adoption order
  • Shopping
  • Gym
  • Arabian Nights piece
  • ACEOS for last Muse Fusion
  • Royalty statements for books
  • Prep canvases
  • Finish Sun painting
  • eat all the food
  • Water plants
  • Don hazmat suit and scoop kitty litter
  • Edit elevator story
  • Programming fix for last job
  • Pick up check for jobs from May and June (yay!)
  • nap
  • News to mailing lists - EMG-Zine, EMG, personal list

    Factory Update

    Growing soft fingernails today, and guppy size may be up to 2 inches! No notable symptoms, besides baby brain, which really is no joke. Guppy, I need some portion of my gray matter, too, please. (Hence the list.)


    Submit work for the Arabian Nights coloring book! We're still a few shy of going to print, and the deadline is August 10!

    Submit 'Scandinavian Mythology' artwork and fiction for the October issue of EMG-Zine: http://emg-zine.com/guidelines.php


    jenny_evergreen is doing one-card readings from her personal bird deck for members of crowdfunding - which is an awesome community for non-traditional funding of the arts.
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