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Fridaily with the return of LJ!

*clings to LJ* You're back!

Actually, it was kind of nice having a break from it for a few days. I didn't mind as much as I thought I would... and I've certainly kept busy.

We've got laminate flooring going into the nursery - we got most of the underlayment and four runs of planks in last night, finally stopping work at about 9PM last night. *falls over* Cutting the stuff is a real drag. My house still stinks.

In other news, there is a deadline for work for the Arabian Night coloring book! It is August 10! Get your linework in by then! Likewise, this is the deadline to get work in for the Torn World coloring book!

August 1 is the deadline for 'Mushroom' themed work for EMG-Zine: http://emg-zine.com/guidelines.php

And, I finally scanned my ultrasound! This is several weeks ago now, of course, and they are blurry, blobby things that don't look like anything much. But indulge me - they are my very first proud momma photos:

In other news, I have a new Torn World story up - the next in the Rails series. This one is adult - easily the raciest thing I've ever written! - and reserved for subscribers. Here's an excerpt:


The evening was chilly, promising early winter snow, and it was already quite dark. Yeff shivered as he left Lassati's and then flushed hot as Ressa's hand slipped into his own.

“Let's go to my apartment,” she invited, shivering up close to him. “It's closer.” They had compared housing licenses over their light dessert, and she refrained from adding that her housing class was also better. Everything about her was better, Yeff found himself thinking in near-despair. For the first time since he had laid eyes on her that evening, he remembered why he was with her, and the chill of the air was heightened by a chill of fear. He let her draw him along, and they walked the few blocks to a large, plain apartment building in a quiet neighborhood.

“This is lovely,” he said genuinely, when she had unlocked her door and was shrugging out of her coat. He took it, automatically, and hung it with his own on the hooks behind the door. It was a modest apartment, sparsely decorated, but neat and tasteful. Gas lighting sprang to life at the twist of a dial – there were no time crystal fixtures apparent, though Yeff could not see the kitchen. He was startled again by how tall Ressa was – it was more obvious against the shorter ceilings of her apartment – and by how beautiful she was in the soft light.

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