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My printer is having a serious hissy fit, and it's wearing on both my patience and my time... and as soon as I started typing this, it began behaving (perhaps already aware that I have no intentions of fixing it, should it break, but would replace it immediately with something smaller and less finicky...).

Fixed some code things (HAH, figured out the autostart bug at Sketch Fest), queried for more detail on a big project for a client, getting ready to do some minor programming, while my printer works on a big emergency print order, and I package a few Amazon orders.

Blah, blah, boring, blah...

I did get four sketches done for Sketch Fest, before knuckling down on the nursery - you can see them here. I plan to finish the bellydancer for the Arabian Night coloring book.

And I've had a few pieces of artwork go up at Torn World the last week:

Both are included in the Family Ties anthology, and both are available for sale - make me an offer! (Or do you find that as intimidating and scary as having a price listed? I never dare to make offers, myself... but I'm open to trades as well as cash!)

EMG-Zine is opening fundraising for the July-December 2012 period! We are at 13% of our goal. If we go over, we get extra features programmed onto the site (SO many things I want to do there!), if we don't make it, EMG-Zine ends in June 2012, and we make our last six months really COUNT.

$115 / $900 total funding by December 2011. 13% done! If we haven't made this goal, the June 2011 issue will be our last! Consider a subscription with advertising banner, or a donation, purchase one of our print anthologies or buy artwork through Sketch Fest that goes to support EMG-Zine!

Later today? Photos, if you're lucky... I've got to go to the gym and cross more things off my lists now.
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