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Fridaily with Sketch Fest and Laundry

A busy day ahead of me, mostly filled with Sketch Fest! I've posted an introduction to Sketch Fest at crowdfunding, and I've added a Long and Glorious History page at the site, so you can see exactly where your donations have gone.

I've got a new story up at Torn World: Railchange. This is the next installment in the intrigue involving Jarl's blackmail plot and follows Railroaded. Spicy content is only available to registered readers, and this story is reserved for supporters. (Available for sponsorship for 20 Torn World credits!)

Now, I've got to:

  • do some client programming before Sketch Fest
  • hang up the load of laundry
  • do a final mud on all walls of the nursery
  • Prep for Sketch Fest!
  • Take a shower
  • Eat some food.

    In factory news, guppy advanced from one to four chambers in the heart, grew teeth and eyelids (closed), and lost its tail! (Poor guppy!) I've still had remarkably few symptoms, though I've had a little dizziness, one bout of unhappy stomach (just unhappy, not rebellious) and the occasional complete exhaustion. Naps help, and it's been nice enough to take a few of them in the hammock. I got my first box of baby clothes and sort of choked in surprise. So tiny! We're having a baby! It doesn't feel real at all - it's so completely crazy and surreal.
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    Jul. 22nd, 2011 08:27 pm (UTC)
    Yaaaaay, sketchfest!

    Poor guppy! Still having a tail after being born would get the guppy a lot of teasing, though, so perhaps letting it go now will make things simpler later.
    Jul. 25th, 2011 11:29 pm (UTC)
    As cool as it would be to have a tail, it would probably be awkward for the poor kid! :P
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